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With the philosophy of using what you already have, we will help you regain balance in your space. Keeping projects as simple as possible will greatly reduce stress. Together we can bring your visions of a more organized, simplified lifestyle come to life.

No job is too big or too small. Whether it is one room or the whole house, garage, balcony, attic or rented storage space and yes, even your outdoor living and storage spaces.

Every project is unique.........it's about you and your organizational needs and desires.

By taking your current space and developing easy to use systems, you will take control of the clutter in your life and reclaim your space and your time.

Let's discover the real you inside.


Be prepared for productive daily living!

Be prepared to become enthusiastic and energized!

Be prepared to make your home a reflection of you and your lifestyle!

Be prepared to smile and enjoy your space!

There are several ways to work on an organizing project. The first step is to make the call.

At the time of the initial consultation, we will determine together how you want to proceed with your project, with the objective of regaining control of your time, energy and space.


Services Offered

  • Initial Phone Consultation - 15 Minutes
  • Basic Consultation  - $70 - 1 hr consultation & $35 for each additional 30 minutes. (+HST)
  • Consultation with written report & estimates - For the Do-It Yourselfer - $250 - $600 (based of project size)
  • One-on-One mentoring Sessions - Client works with the Lead Organizing Consultant
  • Team Sessions - Client works with Lead Organizing Consultant and Organizing Assistants
  • Full service -Lead Organizing Consultant or Organizing Consultant and Assistants complete all hands on services.






Successful organizing is based on the
recognition that people get
organized because they, too, have a vision.
Paul Wellstone     


When Mom passed away, I did not know where to start.  She lived in her home for over 50 years and there was so much to take care of. Your advice on how to prepare the house for sale (target buyer- house flipper or first time home owner) instead of doing all of the renovations myself was the best way to go. While sorting through Mom's belongings, you had a keen sense of what had value, personal and monetary. Gisele, you never forced me to get rid of anything I didn't want to although you often made me think long and hard about why I wasn't letting go of certain items. Over the past couple of months I have been able to let go of more items.

Winnipeg (The house sold within a week for asking price. Purchased by a house flipper)

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