Oh, the places you’ll go

Relocating, whether you are coming or going


Welcome Home!  Whether this is your first or your 10th move it's always comforting  to know that a positive experience awaits you. Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists are trained Move Managers that can assist you with your project.

  • Blended Families.....helping  you with the transition of yours, mine, ours.
  • Transferring as a result of a career move.
  • Are you a Boomer or Senior looking to make changes to suite your needs or changing lifestyle? 


A stress free moving experience....yes, it can be done! Boxes unpacked and items stored in an organized fashion, while space planning and furniture placement gives shape to each room for a "we are home" setting. Using what you already own, incorporating a few new elements or going for a fresh new start. We will guide you in finding the look that best fits your style and personality while working within your budget.

  • Painting, window washing, carpet cleaning, sourcing furniture, decorative accents and more - all  done before move-in day!


An unexpected transfer or a planned move, we can help you:

  • Coordinate moving day activities
  • Arrange for the services you needs
  • Floor plan
  • Pack or unpack....or both
  • Provide you with moving estimates
  • Arrange for repairs, hire contractors
  • Stage the house for sale
  • Sale of unwanted items.




Successful organizing is based on the
recognition that people get
organized because they, too, have a vision.
Paul Wellstone     


Gisele Grenier Miller of Altered Spaces-Altered Lives helped my client prepare his mother's home for sale quickly and efficiently.  There were many "treasures" that needed to be evaluated and sold in a timely manner.  Gisele called the experts to evaluate the art work, china and the silverware. Gisele and her hard working staff were able to organize the contentsof the home and prepare it for sale quickly and efficiently.  We sold the home in just three days for 97% of the list price! I am confident that we wouldn't have been able to do it without Gisele and the staff at Altered-Spaces-Altered Lives. Thank you Gisele!

I would definetly recommend Gisele!!

LauraTorrance, Sales Representative

Keller Williams VIP Realty


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