Relocation Management & Downsizing Services


A stress free moving experience....yes, it can be done!

Boxes unpacked and items stored in an organized fashion, while space planning and furniture placement gives shape to each room for a "we are home" setting. Using what you already own, incorporating a few new elements or going for a fresh new start.

Customizing each project with you in mind!

Relocation Management Services

Decluttering - Repairs - Staging - Referrals - Junk Removal - Content Sales - Creating a timeline.

Full Relocation Management Services as well as A-La-Carte services.

We begin with a phone consultation discussing the scope of your project.

In-home consultation allows us to review the home and project as  well as your expectations and needs. We will take the time to listen to your wishes and concerns and answer all of your questions.  You will receive an AS-AL Relocation Management Tmeline. This will allow you to follow the process and check mark the progress.

  • Create a timeline and budget
  • Realtors, Home Inspectors, Contractors, Moving Companies - Schedule and attend meetings as required. Review estimates of all work to be done with the client. Schedule work to be completed for home sale prep.
  • Floor plan to scale - Creating a well thought out floor plan allows you to have a clear picture of what will fit into your new space eliminate unecessary surprises.
  • Packing / unpacking All done in an organized fashion! NOTE: When you have our team do the packing, we learn how you use your space. When unpacking, we will create similar placement allowing you to feel right at home on move-in day.
  • Staging - Working with you or your realtor, we will plan the home sale presentation. Each home and location is unique as is the level of home staging. A home that shows well in person and through photographs will attract more buyers and sell for more!
  • Content Sale - Do you have a full house of items or treasures that you want to sell..... or maybe only 2-3 pieces? We can set up an in-home auction or send to consignment markets.
  • Appriasal Services - Accredited Personal Property Appraiser can provide written appraisals in order to facilitate asset division, insurance purposes or probate
  • Final CleanOut & Cleaning - We see the project right through to the final cleaning. We do our best to work around the City of Ottawa Garbage and Recycling schedule in order to keep your disposal costs down.
  • Donations - We believe in recycling as much as we possibly can during the sorting process. By doing so we are able to support many of out local charities.  Food Banks /Cupboards recieve donations of non expired food.  The Humane Society and Cat Rescue organizations receive electronics, pop cans, liquor bottles and old linens.  Unused or past-dated medications are disposed of at the pharmacy.  Eye glasses are donated at our local Legion. Hazardous Household Waste - removed and recycled.









Successful organizing is based on the
recognition that people get
organized because they, too, have a vision.
Paul Wellstone     


They are absolutely outstanding!
My wife and I had the wonderful experience of using the services of Gisele and her team at Altered Spaces Altered Lives when we sold our home.  We were moving from a large four bedroom house to a 55+ apartment complex.
We had mounds to “stuff” and we estimated that it would take us two years to go through it all and get rid of things prior to selling.  Then we found Gisele and her team. What a find!
During our initial consultation with Gisele, we decided to have her team do everything from the downsizing, staging, auction and moving. They very quickly sorted through everything which made it so much easier for us to decide what what we were keeping and what we were selling.
The team staged the house for the sale in total cooperation with our real estate agent that we had already chosen.
Her team is knowledgeable, efficient and as honest as the day is long!
Their pricing and invoicing system is perfect!
The online sale piece is amazing and is absolutely low/no risk.
They are extremely highly recommended!  Without them, I do not believe that our house would be sold yet.
Dave & Lynne Krauter

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