Benefits of a Staged home:

  • the house will appeal to a larger number of people that are looking at making a purchase;
  • staged homes sell faster
  • often leads to higher purchase price.

**If you are selling a cluttered home, I will guide you through the sort, purge and packing process so that unpacking at your new destination will be simplyfied.

Home Staging &Styling

  • Initial Phone Consultation - 20-30 Minutes
  • At the time of the initial phone consultation we will discuss your home sale preparation needs, goals and timeline. We can then schedule a In-Home Staging & Styling Consultation knowing that we are a good fit for each other

  • Beginning with the In-Home Staging & Styling Consultation, we will follow up with the hands-on projects. We will begin with editing contents that will not be required for home styling. We will work with furniture placement, lighting, artwork and your decor in order to showcase your home.  When buyers walk through your home they will be focused on how they could live there without any distractions. This process takes approximately 3-5 hours / 2 stylists. ($450 - $750)

  • Inventory Rentals - Sellers don't always want to make new decorative purchases when selling their home, especially if they are downsizing.  We have inventory available for a rental fee. If we feel that your home sale presentation would benefit by using any of our rentals, we will discuss this option at time of consultation.

  • Cleaning - Showing a clean home is a must! Buyers will be distracted my dirt and chaos. Once we have reviewed your project, we can give you an estimate for our cleaning services.


  • Redesign is a less expensive alternative to traditional interior design. We will transform your space while using existing furnishings, accessories and art.  We will bring balance to your room and create the ambiance that you seek.
  • Redesign is often completed within a couple of hours to a full day, depending on the project size.
  • Desire that magazine look for your bookcase, mantel, shelves or collections?  Let us help you create the perfect focal point in each room.

Colour Consultations
  • Choosing the right colour is crucial as it provides the canvas backdrop  to your room.  What feeling are you wanting to evoke,  what type of room are you looking for.....warm, relaxed, energized, creative?


Do-It-Yourself Home Sale Preparation & Styling-

Let a professional walk you through the process.....One Step at a Time!

  • Initial Phone Consultation - 20-30 Minutes
  • At the time of the initial phone consultation we will discuss your home sale preparation needs, goals and timeline. We can then schedule a In-Home Consultation knowing that we are a good fit for each other.


  • In-Home DIY Sale Preparation Consultation& Optional Written Report

  • $150 - 2 hr consultation / $50 for each additional 30 minutes                                                  This visit will consist of a complete walkthrough of your home. We can assist with services and products as needed in order to complete your home sale preparation project. We will also discuss the Staging & Home Styling process. As each project is unique, timeline and fee structure will also be discussed during the consultation.
  • Notes taken by homeowner or realtor.
  • AS-AL Staging & Home Styling Report - $100

Having a difficult time finishing all of the tasks on the DIY Staging list and just want it done! We would be happy to work with you or just finalize the list for you.

Successful organizing is based on the
recognition that people get
organized because they, too, have a vision.
Paul Wellstone     


Unfortunately, as you know, mum was unable to recover from her illness and she passed away in July. In mid stride, you quickly and effectively switched gears, providing advice to the family on how best to proceed from a relocation to a disposal of assets exercise, including the work needed to prepare the condo for sale. 
We were particularly impressed with your support and empathy in the stressful time leading up to mum's passing and during the dark days following her death. You gave us the space we needed, but you never left us alone to look after all this by ourselves.  You kept things on track at the condo, quietly and effectively behind the scene, organizing the sale of mum's assets and putting the condo in great shape and ready for sale. 
You took great care with mum's special keepsakes (little trinkets, jewelry, religious items, family photos, etc.) and we are grateful for your extra efforts in this regard. Because of your attention to what is most important to families, we each (my sisters, brother and I) have precious treasures with which to remember our mum. We are most grateful to you.
Unless someone has experienced a relocation or disposal of assets for a person living in the same place for 35 years, it is impossible to imagine the work involved.  We know you put in long, physically demanding hours and we were impressed with the work you did organizing and sorting all of the effects in the apartment as well as the sale days you handled personally. We are also grateful to you for arranging the donation to charity of the items which could not be sold, and mum would be so happy to know that she was able to help others even after her passing. 
Without a doubt, you have the experience as well as the planning and organizing skills necessary to do very well in your chosen field. More importantly though, in my view, you show great compassion and empathy during very difficult times in people's lives. Your advice is thoughtful and caring, never pushy or condescending. You listen very well and it is clear you understand what is important to your clients.  
You helped us tremendously at a time of our greatest need and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Best regards and thanks again for all your hard work on our behalf. We will never forget you.
The Andersons

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