Redesigning your space


Redesign is a less expensive alternative to traditional interior design. We will transform your space while using existing furnishings, accessories and art.  We will bring balance to your room and create the ambiance that you seek.

Redesign is often completed within a couple of hours to a full day, depending on the project size.

Desire that magazine look for your bookcase, mantel, shelves or collections?  Let us help you create the perfect focal point in each room.

"Learn as we go” sessions - Great for frequent movers

Want to learn the fundamentals of Redesign so that you can put them into practice on your next move or when you are just wanting a new look.  We would be happy to have you participate in your own project by teaching you the process and answering all of your decor questions.

Colour Consultations

Choosing the right colour is crucial as it provides the canvas backdrop  to your room.  What feeling are you wanting to evoke,  what type of room are you looking for.....warm, relaxed, energized, creative?

Staging  - Showcasing your house for a faster sale! 

        Benefits of a Staged home:

  • the house will appeal to a larger number of people that are looking at making a purchase;
  • staged homes sell faster
  • often leads to higher purchase price.

**If you are selling a cluttered home, I will guide you through the sort, purge and packing process so that unpacking at your new destination will be simplyfied.


Outdoor spaces

  • Bringing the indoors out.
  • Space planning
  • Landscape designs
  • Project management
  • Sourcing furnishings, plants, materials
Successful organizing is based on the
recognition that people get
organized because they, too, have a vision.
Paul Wellstone     


Thank you for making Mom feel like a princess. You did a great job with all of her collections. She is now able to sit in her favorite chair and enjoy looking at them. You were able to get her to let go of items that I never could have done successfully. Most of all you gave her a safe place to be in.  She is very proud of her apartment and is now inviting the ladies down the hall to come have tea with her. Thank you!


Jan,  Winnipeg

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