Hoarding and Chronic Disorganization

Let's talk about it......you are not alone!

There are many other people that feel the same way, struggling with where to start and frustrated before beginning. 
We are here to work with you through this renewal process.

The hardest step is asking for help - Know that we are here for you. We are happy to answer your questions and listen to the concerns that you might have.
Everyone has their story - We are here to work with you in a non-judgemental way.
Everyone deserves respect - We will honor your individual needs, wishes and personal  treasures.

Our goal is to provide you with the  tools to alter your space and improve your quality of life.

You may be chronically disorganized if:

  • your disorganization negatively affects relations with others
  • you have treasured collections that are not showcased in a suitable manner
  • rooms or areas are overflowing with items and can no longer serve their intended purpose

The process

1. Make the phone call  613-294-6611 or send me an email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2. Consultation 100.00. Each additional 30 minutes will be charged at $50 (+HST)

It is important for us to get acquainted as we will be working together for as long as it takes to achieve your goals and healthy environment.  Your comfort level with the staff at Altered Spaces - Altered Lives is important to us. We will be able to discuss your goals and determine a plan of action at this time. Discussion of project cost and timeline will be discussed at this time.

3. Scheduling appointments and getting to work - there will be good days and not so good days. I will be there to guide you over those bumps in the road......WE ARE A TEAM!

4. Celebrating - We will take time to look at the progress, small and large, and recognize how good it feels to be in a healthy space and place.



If you have specific questions about your individual situation, please do not hesitate in sending me an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





Successful organizing is based on the
recognition that people get
organized because they, too, have a vision.
Paul Wellstone     


Unfortunately, as you know, mum was unable to recover from her illness and she passed away in July. In mid stride, you quickly and effectively switched gears, providing advice to the family on how best to proceed from a relocation to a disposal of assets exercise, including the work needed to prepare the condo for sale. 
We were particularly impressed with your support and empathy in the stressful time leading up to mum's passing and during the dark days following her death. You gave us the space we needed, but you never left us alone to look after all this by ourselves.  You kept things on track at the condo, quietly and effectively behind the scene, organizing the sale of mum's assets and putting the condo in great shape and ready for sale. 
You took great care with mum's special keepsakes (little trinkets, jewelry, religious items, family photos, etc.) and we are grateful for your extra efforts in this regard. Because of your attention to what is most important to families, we each (my sisters, brother and I) have precious treasures with which to remember our mum. We are most grateful to you.
Unless someone has experienced a relocation or disposal of assets for a person living in the same place for 35 years, it is impossible to imagine the work involved.  We know you put in long, physically demanding hours and we were impressed with the work you did organizing and sorting all of the effects in the apartment as well as the sale days you handled personally. We are also grateful to you for arranging the donation to charity of the items which could not be sold, and mum would be so happy to know that she was able to help others even after her passing. 
Without a doubt, you have the experience as well as the planning and organizing skills necessary to do very well in your chosen field. More importantly though, in my view, you show great compassion and empathy during very difficult times in people's lives. Your advice is thoughtful and caring, never pushy or condescending. You listen very well and it is clear you understand what is important to your clients.  
You helped us tremendously at a time of our greatest need and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Best regards and thanks again for all your hard work on our behalf. We will never forget you.
The Andersons

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